BrandAlliance Engagment & Incentives Features

Everything but the kitchen sink. Here are more features that refused to conform to a singular category!

Front-End Customization

Successful, smart recognition programs are at their most effective when they are relevant, timely, and simple. These process elements, incorporated within the strategy phase, are critical to ensure that your employees find their recognition experiences to be quick, yet meaningful. Time devoted to giving or receiving recognition is time well-spent.

We allow you to customize your user experience with full control over: Programs, Features, Notifications, Reports, Eligibility, Adjudication, Fulfillment

These are considerations that must be specific to each organization with guidelines and procedures customized to fit your workplace culture and organizational structure. The BrandAlliance Engagement & Incentives platform matches this customization. No bloated features, no fat, just simple, intuitive recognition where and when you need it.

Recognition & Incentive Programs

We take incentive and recognition programs to the next level. We offer a redemption platform with seamless integration to a catalog of awards that includes a wide choice of relevant lifestyle merchandise brands, travel, experiences, gift cards, tickets to events, and more.

We understand that rewards earned today represent tomorrow’s currency. As rewards are redeemed, patterns emerge in the data. Our analytics reveal what awards are resonating with employees and how often employees redeem their rewards. We overlay performance metrics and recognition data to this information to explore how your programs are motivating employees and if they drive sustainable performance.

Budget and Tax Reports

BrandAllianceS Engagement & Incentives software is built to manage the business process behind award programs, including budgets and proper tax reporting. Our proprietary budget transfer feature allows authorized client administrators to transparently transfer award budgets to other authorized administrators.

Sometimes team formation is dynamic or temporary to serve a client project. Team members may be pulled from across the organization and they may be aligned with other departmental budgets. With approval from your finance team, BrandAlliance gives you the ability to create award budgets for new teams and transparently account for the transfer of allotments. When the team completes its project simply reallocate the budget to home teams.

BrandAlliance Engagement & Incentives tracks all award costs, including any cash-based awards that may be included in your programs, to provide detailed reports customized by tax ID location according to your finance team's requirements.

Data Analysis

If you're not measuring, it's just practice. If it's just practice, why spend time analyzing? Data, the right data, equals truth, and truth is the foundation for rational evaluation and meaningful change.

What is the right data? In relation to strategic recognition, the right data is the incremental measurement of performance objectives which can be influenced by human behavior.

Aligning recognition to highlight and positively impact the actions and behaviors essential to accomplishing performance objectives is just smart. Overlaying the recognition data with the performance data and subjecting the collection to independent, academic analysis is even smarter. We do both for you.