Measurement & Analysis

Evaluation is only effective if it reveals the truth.

Data is truth. Measurement gives proof. Analysis equals understanding. Whether we’re talking about incentive or recognition programs, we provide all three so you will know precisely what, how, and why results are being impacted within your workplace culture, divisions, offices, sales teams, departments, and units.

We can discuss your sales goals in relation to your current metrics, but it doesn’t mean anything if we don’t tie those things to a recognition program. Our ability to draw a solid line connecting metrics to behaviors and behaviors to outcomes is what makes a strong case for recognition. We turn recognition to strategic recognition, which leverages a metrics-based recognition program to drive results.

The Value of Independent Analysis

We have a partnership with Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. They are at the forefront of studying workforce analytics, and they have a team that knows our system, examines our data, and delivers a third-party academic review to validate the findings and sometimes offer additional findings. The value is an independent, rigorous analysis by accepted research methodology that arms you with real data to make informed decisions.

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