Channel Loyalty

Your dealer network is there to sell your products and services. They have the knowledge and know-how to influence your target audience. In a perfect world, your dealers would drive sales volume, educate customers, and serve as model brand ambassadors.

This isn’t always the case.

A number of barriers stand in the way of your dealers:

  • They are tasked with not only selling, but providing an in-house service that pulls them away from customers.
  • They aren’t completely knowledgeable about your entire product line.
  • They aren’t properly advertising sales or they’re ignoring signage placement.
  • They are selling multiple lines, and they’re receiving added incentives from another brand.

We can help overcome these barriers by putting together an attract incentive program for your dealers, structured to suit your needs, recognize specific behaviors, and meet your target dealer channel goals.

Let us help you take hold of your dealer network and give them a new reason to sell for you.

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