Balanced Portfolio

Every milestone big or small has the potential for recognition.

There are essentially three dimensions of recognition:

  • Day to Day: Designed to impact 100% of the employee population. Example: A simple ‘thank you’ from manager to subordinate.
  • Informal: Designed to impact 45-65% of the population. Example: Team recognition for incremental goal achievement.
  • Formal: Designed to impact about 1-3% (formal nomination process, some form of adjudication process). Example: Employee of the Year.

A recognition portfolio is the collection of recognition programs that a company can deploy. A balanced portfolio means that you are addressing all of these dimensions. This strategy ensures that an organization has a way to recognize many forms of achievement and excellence by any individual or team.

This balanced approach also ensures that the most applicable method of recognition can be used. The recognition should always match the achievement!

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