Values-Based Safety

Everyone plays their part when it comes to safety.

Protecting the health and welfare of employees is one of the most significant investments a company can make. The key to exemplary risk performance is when all employees are actively engaged in creating a safe work environment.

From the CEO to the line technician, everyone has particular safety-related responsibilities. Taken together, these actions define your safety culture. Elevating to a values-based safety culture requires that leading indicators for each job role are encouraged, affirmed, and recognized.

We partner with your leaders and risk advisers to customize incentive and recognition programs that align with your corporate values. Our supporting software creates transparency around safety performance at individual and team levels to encourage engagement and pro-active behaviors. By aggregating data, we also give you the analytics to see what’s going right in your organization and recognize it.

Celebrate good decisions. Reward reporting. BrandAlliance brings your safety culture to life.

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