Safety Incentives

The wrong safety program can hurt your company.

The majority of on-the-job accidents happen in the first year of employment. This situation is compounded by eager young workers looking to make an impression, manufacturing jobs that already put workers at-risk for incident, and companies using out-dated safety programs.

These older programs often focus on a goal of an incident-free block of time (say, one million man hours). If it’s not achieved, everyone loses out.

So, what happens? The new hire likely gets injured and then feels pressure to not report his injury. Your original intention was to reduce incidents, and now you’re left with unreported incidents and a culture that’s covering for the program’s blind spots.

Our SafetyLink program puts an emphasis on team and individual recognition, and it rewards incremental progress. This structure takes the stress of ‘all or nothing’ rewards and builds a culture of safety that organically lowers incident rates.

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