Research shows that 30% of employees improve their performance after being criticized, while 90% improve their performance after being praised.

Kluger, Avraham N.; DeNisi, Angelo
American Psychological Association

Whether you are talking about reward as a noun or a verb, both come as a result of an achievement, a significant contribution, or an instance of outstanding work. Just as important is the opportunity created for your organization to reinforce the outcome. That opportunity is the chance to stoke an employees’ sense of value to your organization, confirm their purpose and positive impact in the delivery of your mission.

Our process to build effective, customized recognition solutions involves:

  • Assessing current workplace culture and recognition practices
  • Strategizing programs, fulfillment, events, and celebrations
  • Measuring, reporting, and evaluating the program

We ensure that programs will resonate with everyone. Our methodology in working with our clients, our process in building strategic recognition programs, and our recognition management tool put recognition best practices to work for you, ensuring transparency, simplicity, and timeliness.

Rewarding is your chance to make a lasting impression on an employee. Let us help you make that impression a positive one.